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A Quick Guide for the Worst Roads in the World

Travelling is indeed one of the most common thing that any person would likely to do in daily basis. In line with that, these traveling has been a part of us in a way that you need to travel in order to go to work or even go to school. Being calm is just some of the advantages of travelling since through travelling you can generally relax yourself and of course you may inhale some fresh air that can help you relax at all. Travelling through the road is indeed one of the things that you can generally think if we are indeed talking about travelling. With the fact that we are indeed travelling through the roads means that we need to know more about the worst roads in the world and through this article, you will further know the worst roads in the world.

So first of all, before we proceed to the worst roads in the world we need to define first why is that there is a need to know this worst road in the world. Being away from any car accident is indeed one of the main reason why we need to know these worst road in the world.

One of the roads that are considered as the worst roads in the world is the North Yungas Hghway that can be found in Bolivia. Having a 200-300 recorded death due to driving in this road is indeed one of the reasons why these road is indeed consider as one of the worst road in the world. and aside from that, these road can be quite difficult for people who don’t want to glance down at the steep down mountainside.

Another road that is indeed consider as the worst is the Atlantic road in Norway. Sharp curves and twist are indeed found in this road and that is why this Atlantic Road is consider as one of the worst roads in the world. But aside from that, another great factor in this road that makes them worst is the fact that these place may have different and bad weather sometimes that it make your vision to be blocked at all.

One of the most worst road that is indeed found in Brazil is the BR-116. These road is indeed well known for its name as Highway of Death due to the fact that it is low maintenance and even some bandits are found in this roads. With the fact that these roads are indeed concentrated with large trucks makes these road the worst since car accidents is indeed very common in this area.

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